The stomach is a key component in the digestive process, which is necessary to break down the food which you ingest, in order to produce usable energy for the cells within the body. Yet, you may not have a clear understanding as to how this operation works, and would like to know more about this important topic. Therefore, to help you in this regard, let’s study this question in more detail below.

What Is the Roll of the Stomach in Digestion?
It is important to make a distinction, that the function of the stomach is not to absorb nutrients from the foods which you eat. Instead, its primary role is to prepare the food so that absorption is possible in the duodenum, as well as the other areas within the small intestines. The stomach does this by mechanically breaking down the food which you eat, through the contraction of muscles within the walls of this organ. 

Known as peristalsis, these series of contractions both move the food down through the stomach and into the small intestine, and help to crush this food into smaller pieces as well. At the same time the stomach further digests food through chemical digestion, as specialized cells in the stomach wall secrete a combination of acids and enzymes. Each one is targeted to a specific function, with a particular enzyme needed to digest protein, and so on. 

The Stomach’s Structure.
This organ has four distinct parts, the first being the cardia, which is where both enzymes and acids are produced. The second part is the fundus, which allows the partially digested food particles and the gases created during digestion to be temporarily stored. Third is the corpus, where the main digestive work takes place. This is the largest area of the stomach, and where most of the digestion occurs. Finally, the pylorus acts as a connector to the duodenum, which is where your body is able to absorb nutrients and gain nourishment.

Clearly, the answer is that this important organ carries out the mechanical and chemical break down of food, when asking what is the roll of the stomach in digestion? The stomach works by utilizing a dual system, moving your food down through four separate areas, until it reaches the small intestines for absorption to take place.